We have Geospatial Solutions for Precision Agriculture

What is really precision agriculture?

Traditionally agriculture is practiced by performing a particular task, such as planting or harvesting, against a predetermined schedule. But by collecting real-time data on weather, soil and air quality, crop maturity and even equipment and labor costs and availability, predictive analytics can be used to make smarter decisions. This is known as precision agriculture. With precision agriculture, control centers collect and process data in real time to help farmers make the best decisions with regard to planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops. Sensors placed throughout the fields are used to measure temperature and humidity of the soil and surrounding air. In addition, pictures of fields are taken using satellite imagery and robotic drones.

AgriWatch Consulting is formed as ITC/University of Twente Alumni start-up aimed at the development of geospatial innovative solutions and services for building and maintaining an Agricultural Information Management System. AgriWatch uses Remote Sensing data analysis, such as SpectroCam, hyperspectral sensors, thermal sensors, visual cameras, satellite Earth observation data, and ground-based sensors on a cost effective basis GIS data and/or knowledge platforms/vehicles such as Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or ground based vehicles such as tractors ICT and big data in farming


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